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Sea moss health benefits

Seamoss benefits
-high in calcium and supports bones, joints, skin and nails health
-Cleans up mucus and phlegm from the respiratory system
-Detoxifies the mucus membrane
-increased energy levels
-detoxifies the whole GI tract and colon
-loaded with bio minerals that the body requires to survive
-increased libido, sexual desire and stamina
-detoxifies and lubricates the female reproductive system, vaginal canal and promotes healthy reproductive organs
-detoxifies the male reproductive system, cleans up blocked blood chambers that causes Erectile dysfunction
-can be applied to face as a mask, hair as a leave in conditioner.
-loaded with collagen
-great and safe for the entire family.


“Hi everyone.Am loving the seamoss so much. Colds were the order of the day in my family but for the last two weeks there is so much improvement”.

“Using seamoss and has helped alot in clearing my throat, mucus has been coming out from the throat and I can breath better, no blockage like before…, love seamoss .“

“I’m just day two and mucous is reducing….. At such a time in the morning , I’d have produced so much. No heartburn at all so far…. 💪🏼💪🏼”

“Notable to me mucus expulsion we noma also appyling it on my hairline…chidren love its juice”

“I’m using it daily. Helps in bowel movement”

“Been using, no homa n related allergies, I feel energized, growing younger every day😊😊. Can see my daughter doing well all round including kuwa bright by my own evaluation as the mother. Used it on her hair I must share here u see it😘😘”

“My dad about 70yrs old, had a congested chest and asthma for more than 4yrs,he has been using inhaler and drugs.
He started using seamoss 3weeks ago, since then he has stopped using inhaler and drugs.”

“Seamoss helps in detox…clears any bloating na inatoa uchafu wote….speaking from experience…💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

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Or 👉🏿 Upendo foods Kenya.
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in case of any direction reach out to @upendo herbs . +254114128691-Josephine
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