Upendo Journey

Since 2016 we’ve been developing natural compounds or upendo products that use ingredients which are effective for restoring the body’s homeostasis based on the African Bio-mineral balance as researched & disco by our legendary herbalist Dr. Sebi. Each upendo product must conform to the body’s own ability to heal naturally.

Welcome to Upendo Natural Healing Products;

Upendo Vision;

Our vision is that our products promote and inspire the well-being of the human body as a whole, i.e; mind, body and spirit, through the simple art of natural living products. We strive to foster a healthy, thriving African community by providing the purest, most effective natural products available.

Upendo Mission;

Our mission is to be a support and leading source of healthy, conscious and trustworthy natural products that enhance the health and well-being of  all African people, and our continent at large.

Upendo Commitment to Values;

Our commitment is to provide our customers with super premium, organic, and Fair Trade Certified natural health foods and herbs. To be of service with integrity, respect, and kindness. To create long-lasting relationships with our customers, providing them with information and products that we love, trust, and use personally.

Upendo Values;

  • Service to all our clients
  • Upendo product total integrity
  • Absolute commitment to only natural and organic products
  • Provide the highest quality Upendo products for Health, Wellness, & Consciousness
  • No Compromise on Being Who We Are, no GMO mix
  • Win-Win partnerships with all our Suppliers & providers

Upendo Team

The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison to the gut, this influences the kind of gut bacteria that grows and survives in the gut flora to bring about self healing or toxic (poison) accumulation in the GI-tract. At Upendo, we recommend a whole body cleanse/ detox therapy.

Kennedy Kamau Wambui

Comrade Kennedy Wambui aka. Bwana Kamau, is one of the founding naturists at AfroWellness company & the CEO of Upendo Foods And Herbs, to know more, follow him on this website below; www.upendofoodsandherbs.com

He is a passionate Herbalist and nutritionist who devotes time & energy to help people learn, prevent, cure or heal their bodies from disease symptoms, using natural alkaline foods and herbs combined with other natural therapy programs like detox, colon cleansing, hydrotherapy & many others.

He currently runs the upendo foods & herbs, and the CBD products business of “The Next Chapter” which is based in Texas USA, and this has given him a platform to continue his commitment to address disease symptoms from the perspective of an African bio-mineral balance process. Read More…

Herbalist/ Homeopathic Practitioner

Upendo Disclaimer*

  • The contents of this website, blogs, and the newsletter are gleaned from our experiences and observations as natural healers or natural therapist practitioners, they’re meant only for educational purposes and not intended to replace medical advice, consultations, or treatment of any kind.
  • We recommend you see your professional health care provider if you suspect you have an illness or disease of any kind. We are not medically trained from the conventional schools of medicine, but we practice alternative medicine for herbal products & food supplements. Please, we don’t imply that we know what is best for someone else’s body or overall health, ultimately each of us is the only one who knows what’s best for us.
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